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By , 20 July 2007 9:15 pm

I hope you aren’t expecting any great words of wisdom from me today. I am written out – or is it written off? I have just finished the first decent draft of The Infinite Day and my good wife is anxiously reading it as fast as she can. So far, I am encouraged by the way that she tried to read it and eat breakfast cereal at the same time. Anyway, all being well, she will say that it works and that there are no major failings in continuity. And then with a few words here and there and a general tidy up it should be on its way to Tyndale very soon. I have also just written something for Speculative Faith.

I was tempted to write something on Harry Potter this week. You can’t seem to escape from him at the moment and I am constantly reminded that I have currently earned about one half millionth of She-Who-Need-Not-Be-Named. (At least in earthly terms; as a Christian I am paid into a bank elsewhere.) I would however mention an interesting article in a Time magazine piece on the books. It is called ‘Who Dies in Harry Potter? God’ by Lev Grossman.

In it, Grossman makes the point that Rowling has broken new ground by having God utterly absent in these books. Someone might point out that Tolkien never uses the word God in ‘Lord of the Rings’. True, but his active presence in events is assumed. It’s an interesting article.

Anyway I am off to clear my desk and find out where the rest of my life has gone.

Have a good week.

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  1. Terry says:

    Chris, I’m wondering if you have even a vague idea of when Tyndale will have The Infinite Day out for purchase. It would be nice to have some kind of timeline (Christmas/birthday gifts, holiday reading, etc.).

    I can imagine there’s some regrouping happening for you. God bless you with that. And (you probably don’t want to think about this yet) any ideas for another book simmering on the back burner?

    Take care


  2. Chris says:

    Hi Terry,

    My knowledge of publishing is low but these things have big lead in times. They also like to go for slots; November is good; January is bad. My guess is pre-easter. I wll post news on my website as soona s I have it. But it is worth the wait!

    As for other books? Well I’ve got some ideas and there is a ‘hook’ built into the Lamb among the Stars for a another series set in a separate universe. (Publishers please contact!) But I’m a great believer in not writing unless you have something to say.



  3. Tom Terry says:

    I just finished reading the second book in the series and thoroughly enjoyed it. Waiting anxiously for the conclusion!

    Living in Mongolia I usually don’t order books to be shipped (too expensive), so I wait for annual trips back to the States. However, in the case of “The Infinite Day,” I think I will make an exception.

    Tom Terry
    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

  4. Chris says:


    A fan in Mongolia! Amazing.
    If I had JKR’s funds I’d bring you one personally and we could have tea in your yurt.

    Blessings indeed,


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