The business of writing falls into a spectrum that extends from independent writing through co-authoring and ghosting to simple editing. I have done all three of these.

My fiction writing started in about 1984 when I was doing geological field work for the oil industry. Picking up books, mostly thrillers, in airports I started to think: ‘I could do better than this.’ My first published book is partly based in Madagascar, where I had two stints of field work. The second drew on my experiences in Lebanon. At the time they were written I was doing a lot of consultancy work for the oil industry, so they were published under the name of John Haworth.

Heart of Stone (Monarch UK, 1988)

Rock of Refuge (Monarch UK, 1989)

These two thrillers were published in the USA by Crossway; and have also been translated into Swedish and German. Used copies of the actual books are still available on Amazon, and electronic copies (with a new introduction) in the Kindle Store (find them by searching for Chris Walley).

Apart from my fiction most of my independent writing has been for the oil industry. From 1986 to 1994 I would frequently be commissioned to do such things as “summarise everything that is known about the geology of Iran” and be given a half decent budget and six months to do it. So I’d accumulate a two- or three-metre thickness of books and papers, read and evaluate them and at the end there would be a 50,000 word book with a hundred diagrams that clearly explained what it was felt was going on. The fact that I did about eight of these studies suggests I was felt to be pretty good at it.

In 2002 the first of my Lamb Among the Stars series was published. You can find out more about this on a separate page.

Apart from geology publications I have also written non-fiction books, mostly in collaboration with J. John. One of these has sold around 100,000 copies.

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