Lamb Among the Stars

The Lamb Among the Stars trilogy had a long gestation. I first started making notes on it in 1988, although the first book wasn’t published until  2002. The publishing history is a little complicated, and you’ll find it here.

The series consists of Shadow and Night, The Dark Foundations and The Infinite Day, which were all published in hardback by Tyndale Publishers in the USA. Here are the covers of the three books.

Lamb Among the Stars

I have been touched and delighted with all the emails I received and still receive about the books in the series and the reviews posted in various places on the web. To see some of them, just click any link under LAS Reviews. The main page has reviews of the trilogy as a whole.

As The Lamb Among the Stars series was more widely read, particularly in the United States, people asked about the theological basis on which the books are written. For a fuller answer, go to Puritans in Space.

This page used to read “And if you want to buy these books why not go to the relevant Amazon for your country and order them?”. Unfortunately the hardbacks are now out of print, although it is possible to pick up used copies (Amazon and other places). I would love to see the series republished as ‘real’ books again, perhaps as large paperbacks. However, the trilogy still exists in e-book format. They are all available as separate e-books, but in January 2018 Tyndale published them as a collection. So… if you want to read the books, why not go to the relevant Amazon for your country and order them?

LAS one-volume


If anyone is interested in commenting on the Lamb among the Stars series there is a Facebook group dedicated to it. (You will have to sign in to see it.)

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