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Most reviews of The Lamb Among the Stars are of the individual books in the series. They are scattered on various websites and I have rounded up a representative number or put the links (usually to However, you’ll find some of the whole trilogy below.

The CFSS Blog Tour took The Shadow and Night as their book for February 2008. As there were so many reviews, I have put those on a separate page. I’ve also included a few reviews of the original paperback editions.

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Reviews of the whole series

Jim Sanders on The Juice Bar is the first person as far as I know to have reviewed the whole series. He’s also posted short reviews of the individual volumes, which you’ll find on the appropriate pages.

And this was in a letter I received:

I am in a state of mental exhaustion having spent the last two months reading your remarkable The Lamb among the Star trilogy. The final part of the Infinite Day was really exciting with all its unexpected twists and turns. I shall really miss the company of Merral, Vero and their friends.

It’s a great series, the best Christian fiction I have read in years… Thanks for a really exciting and thought provoking reading experience. It’s made me think a lot about living in a fallen world and the reality of spiritual warfare.

In this email from Nolan Giesbrecht:

I finished your series, The Lamb Among the Stars, a while ago and have been meaning to contact you ever since.

Anyways, I wanted to write you and tell how impressed I was with your writing, how moved I was with the books’ content and how blown away I was with your creativity.

I decided to pick up the series in the first place because of a various shallow reasons: the books had interesting/professional covers, the books were thick, and because Christian sci-fi is in short supply. As I began to read the first book, I was ready to be disappointed and, to be honest, I was. At first. … As the book moved deeper into the story I was hooked by the characters and plot.

By the time I finished the story, I had already mentally placed this series in the top ten works I’ve ever read of any genre. Your writing holds its own (and betters) any work of fantasy or sci-fi I have ever read.

I just wanted to give you my appreciation of the work, time and, most likely, tears you put into this project. It touched me both spiritually and intellectually.

And ‘Enlightenment’ gave a recommendation in a thread on

Good Christian Science Fiction is so hard to find. I wholeheartedly recommend ‘The Lamb Among the Stars’ trilogy by Chris Walley. Incredible.

I can’t say enough about it. I got goosebumps reading it. The characters are very well drawn and the subject material is definitely in my sweet spot – A universe wide society composed entirely of Christians lives in complete harmony and bliss until evil makes a reappearance on one of the far flung terra-formed worlds and starts spreading. This trilogy has that epic feel about it, similar to the Dune books, but with Christian characters and the challenges they face with dealing with evil.

I just finished book three about a month ago. Awesome.

Another person who has short reviews of all the books is Tom Spann, on his Ruminations. Actually, they’re on his Most Recent Reads of November 2008.

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