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In February 2008 the CSFF Blog Tour reviewed The Shadow and Night. There’s only room for short quotes here, so check out the full reviews by clicking the links.

Christopher Hopper: Walley sets his theological stance in the context of a marvelous storyline, one in which I’m thoroughly engrossed at the moment, and has taken the prized status of “Book I’m Carrying Around Everywhere Until I’m Done With It.”

Mike Lynch: I commend Chris Walley for the story he has created. Not only is it a gripping story, with imaginative worlds and engaging characters, but he has managed to do something many writers of Christian speculative fiction have been trying to do for years–get published. Getting published is difficult enough as it is, but the fact that he has successfully accomplished this gives credit to his skills as a story teller.

John Ottinger: AMAZING! There is simply no other word to describe Chris Walley’s speculative fiction novel The Shadow and Night. I just could not put this one down. … This is a not a fast paced novel by any means. Yet, I couldn’t put it down. I sped through the pages, desperate to find out what was to happen to Merral and Vero, Anya and Perena. Walley builds the tension so slowly and subtly, it is like reading a John Grisham thriller.

Shannon McNear: Some may be put off by the slow beginning and Chris’s slightly archaic (to American ears) writing style, but to me, this just added to the charm of the books. … His premise is fascinating, if a bit disconcerting to someone raised with a hardcore Hal-Lindsey-influenced eschatology. Chris does well in portraying a Christian utopia without being insipid, and tracing the moral and spiritual decline with such fine horror that it seems almost a second Fall.

Valerie Comer: Is it theologically and physically possible for evil to be banished for twelve thousand years? I don’t really think so. But science fiction is all about taking the world as we know it and extrapolating with a specific bias. What if… there was a golden age? As anyone who has read the Bible can attest, it’s not laid out in a tidy outline that connects all the dots. There’s plenty of room for imagination. And while mine wouldn’t have taken me where Chris Walley’s took him, there’s no reason not to go along for the ride.

Gene Curtis was inspired by the words “Puritans in space” to create a cartoon. Make sure you check the comment section to see why there’s a rabbit and a flying guitar way out in space…

April Irwin: Shadow and Night is a compelling work that more than anything, made me examine my beliefs and my motives both as a child of God and as an author. What more could you ask for?

Grace Bridges: I have travelled far in the realms of fantasy and sci-fi… to Narnia, Empyrion, Middle Earth, Byntar and Albion, but never have I journeyed so far away as this book has taken me. Nor does anything even come close to the distance we encounter in “The Shadow and Night”. As I opened the book and read the first pages, the thought came to me: perhaps this is the story I have been waiting all my life to read – or the tale I have always wanted to write. Well, not quite. But darned close to it.

Steve Rice: If it accomplished nothing else, this book would be important simply for letting ignorant Christians know that the lands beyond Leftbehindia are not God-forsaken wastes teeming with dragons. There are Christians out there, and you might as well stop by for a visit.

and others who took part in the tour:

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