Original paperbacks

Here are a few reviews of the original two.

On The Shadow at Evening

“Writing Christian science fiction which is both gripping and theologically sound is extremely difficult, but Chris Walley has succeeded and I’m really hungry for the next volume.”

“Superb book, some really interesting theological thoughts introduced, makes a change from the traditional view and just as possible. As a work of fiction it is both exciting and gripping. … This book raises crucial questions about the nature of existence of evil and good.”

“One of the best series I have read in a long time.”

On The Power of the Night

“Chris Walley has brilliantly crafted a fully realized futuristic sci-fi / fantasy epic for young people and adults. The well thought out characters, compelling situations, and sweeping landscapes will keep the reader immersed, excited, and thoughtfully challenged. Regardless of individual background, an inspiring story of good and evil and the difficult decisions, sacrifices, and mistakes made in times of trouble will be richly revealed with each passing page.”

“The first book was awesome. I was wondering how the sequel would be, and this book does not disappoint. Even better than the first one, The cast of characters expands and the array of enemies widens to quite an impressive amount of unique creatures. Take my word for it, Walley breaks the mould of boring clichéd science fiction and offers a thrilling new experience full of intrigue and suspense.”

“Chris Walley’s second book of The Lamb Among the Stars series had me as captivated as the first one. As the characters attempt to battle mysterious ancient forces, each one must face incredible odds and responsibilities. A book adults and teenagers will enjoy, Walley creates a stunning world with intense plot, unique characters, and sparkling action. A GREAT book for anyone looking for sci-fi or fantasy.”

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