Shadow and Night

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I have travelled far in the realms of fantasy and sci-fi… to Narnia, Empyrion, Middle Earth, Byntar and Albion, but never have I journeyed so far away as this book has taken me. Nor does anything even come close to the distance we encounter in ‘The Shadow and Night’. As I opened the book and read the first pages, the thought came to me: perhaps this is the story I have been waiting all my life to read – or the tale I have always wanted to write. Well, not quite. But darned close to it.

Grace Bridges, May 2009, on Splashdown Reviews

A rarity, theologically based science fiction that is really well done. A worthy successor to the legacy of Lewis and Tolkien. For a change, a novel (first of a trilogy) based on a Postmillenial eschatology rather than Premillenial, in a world get ten thousand years in the future whose peace is interrupted by the reemergence of evil. Strong characters and a unique take on the good vs. evil genre, done with imagination and foreshadowing an ultimate Armegeddon.

Jim Sanders, June 2008 on The Juice Bar

Excellent Story (*****)

When I watch the news I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in a world where evil didn’t exist. What if we didn’t need an army, or police, or weapons? Where no one lied, everyone could be trusted, and envy was unheard of? Well, that’s the way it was in Farholme, a Made World, copied from Ancient earth, until Merral Stefan D’Avanos saw what he thought was a meteor streaking against the night sky. Suddenly, the peaceful world of Farholme began to change.

At first he barely noticed the changes. There were just hints that something was wrong; a deception, a vision, a show of fear. Then Vero, a Sentinel from Ancient Earth showed up to check out what was going on. As Vero and Merral began the investigation, they became embroiled in a desperate battle against the powers of evil. At first they didn’t understand what was happening to Farholme, but both men believed in God and they were willing to follow wherever He led them.

Chris Walley has created a world so vivid it seems almost real. This is a fascinating story of the battle between good and evil with a different twist. Full of action and suspense and engaging characters, it pulled me into the story from page one.

Barbara Warren, USA, on

Amazing Story (*****)

I enjoy reading Sci-Fi. Usually I’ll pick up a Star Wars novel, and finish reading it in a few sittings. I was at the bookstore one day, and this seemed to jump off the shelf, so I bought it. It began somewhat slow, and I had to force myself through the beginning. However, as the plot began to thicken, I was drawn into the story, and the characters. Chris Walley has a unique way of writing that forces you to care for the characters, as if you knew them personally.

Along with the characters, Walley brings in a unique viewpoint on the Christian Faith, which I found most engaging. It forced me to look at my own life, and think “Is this right?”

This book, and its sequel, are honestly 2 of the greatest books I have read in the many years I have been alive. And I have read a good lot of books.

Whether you are a religious person such as myself, just a fan of sci-fi, or a little of both, this book will keep your mind going long after you finish.

Now all we need is the final in the series. I, for one, cannot wait.

T. Bullock, California, USA, on

A whole new world! (*****)

The beginning of a series that pulled me into a world that is completely enjoyable. The world that Chris Walley has created is beautifully described with characters that come to life, their struggles and their joys. The dynamic between the characters is exceptional and through those moments of dialogue and thoughts, spiritual gems come forth to give the reader something to chew on. The plot keeps developing as the story goes on, to the point that you would not think it could have much more impact, but what surprises there are ahead! Chris Walley never gives away whats to come.
I really enjoyed the approach of a sinless society’s struggle with sin re-entering the population. Great insights and what a way to introduce them but with a sci-fi theme! Excellent read that will not disappoint anyone that enjoys christian fiction with the sci-fi edge. This is a story the reader can lose himself in.

T. Schroeder “tosch”, Lexington, NE USA, on

Excellent book

I just finished reading the two books that actually make up this single hardcover – Shadow At Evening and Power of the Night (accidentally rebought this book thinking it was a sequel – it’s not). My 13 year old son recommended the books to me and I was extremely impressed with the quality of the story and the way that Chris Walley knits together a compelling sci-fi story with a Christian point of view. As a long time sci-fi/fantasy reader, I didn’t think it was really possible for it to be done in a believable way, but he does it. His main character’s evolution as he comes into contact with evil is a challenge for all believers! A must-read!

“All About Books”, Boise, Idaho, USA, on

And there was a 9/10 rating on the Christian Fiction Review website, which sadly no longer exists.

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