The Infinite Day

There are some awesome reviews on, just check them out. Average rating 5-star; the same were on, but for the hardbacks which of course are now out of print. No reviews there yet for the ebook versions.

Intriguingly, some of the Amazon reviews are quoted on the splendidly named Not a place where I would have expected to get a mention, but they do include Sci-fi on the site.

And from various websites/blogs

Here at last we have the third volume in this epic series, larger than the others by a small margin. But what is inside blows the scope of what has gone before. … confrontations are huge and against all odds, as we have come to expect from this author. … For this is the battle at the end of time, recognisable as a highly imaginative extrapolation of some of the events in the book of Revelation. But don’t expect the tale to be familiar – it’s anything but. With twists and surprises at every step, depth of character rarely seen in fiction, and the very best of science fiction action, the conclusion to this massive series is as mind-blowing as it is masterful.

Grace Bridges on Splashdown Reviews, January 2010 (this blog no longer exists)

… The last thing I have to say is this: I still do not understand why this series is classed as “fantasy.” It’s so not. It’s science fiction, through and through. Sure, there are fantastical elements to it (such as the Below Space manifestations and Nezhuala’s powers), but those simply added color to the story.

Whatever. Not important, I suppose. What does matter is that this is a great series. If you’re a fan of Christian speculative fiction, you’ll want to read the whole thing.

John, March 2009, on The Least Read Blog on the Web

Summary: The Infinite Day is a story of complex characters and well-tensioned plot against a detailed background written in rich prose. Yes, the tale is full of darkness, but the light at the end rewards the effort of the traveler, bringing this series to a satisfactory conclusion. Highly recommended for teens and adults, and easily accessible to the reader not familiar with the sci-fi and fantasy genre.

Chawna Schroeder, November 2008 on Imagination Investigation

Third volume of the sci-fi Lamb Among the Stars trilogy. A terrific way to end the series, as the plot finally leaves Farholme and explores other worlds, and finally Earth itself. The themes this series of books are explored to their fullest potential: the natural rebellious nature of mankind, the need to divine grace from God, the sacrifices and faith that are needed to defeat evil, the need for courage to make right decisions, the corruption at the heart of man-centered political systems, and the transformation of a humble man into a mighty leader who embraces his call to lead the forces of good.

Jim Sanders, October 2008 on The Juice Bar

On the Christian Fiction Review site The Infinite Day gets 10/10. “The spectacular conclusion to The Lamb Among the Stars series. An absolute triumph.” Unfortunately you can no longer click a link to read the review for yourself as the site

Most of the reviews have been from the States. Not surprising since that’s where it’s been published, so I reproduce a British one here thanks to Matthew Hails.

A fitting conclusion to an excellent trilogy (*****)

This is a great read, and a fitting conclusion to the Lamb Among the Stars series. I’m immensely impressed that the author has managed to write a sci-fi series that is intriguing, thoughtful, compelling, all centred around the Christian faith. There is no sign of our contemporary Christian jargon, no cringe-worthy artificial dialogue. Faith is central, natural and intelligently portrayed across all aspects of society. Likewise, the technology is convincing and naturally integrated into the story, without unnecessary references to the inner workings of every hyperphasersonicposifissionfusionthingy.

We are thrust straight in where “The Dark Foundations” left off, and taken on quite a ride. The characters have new challenges to face, both external and internal, and both sets of challenges are very much at a higher level. The fight against evil is not an easy one, and continues right to the very end. We are pulled along with it, willing our heroes on, despairing where they falter or go the wrong way, thrilled when they succeed. The story is very much out of this world, but at the same time with its feet on the ground.

The book ends well. I’ll just say it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting when I got there!

28 June 2008 on

And from various websites/blogs

And finally, here’s another UK one, from Steve Trower‘s blog. He’s reviewed the others as well, but the links are all in this article.

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