Publication history

People often ask how many books there are in the series. I get queries such as “I am reading The Power of the Night. Is this the second book or what? I thought there were going to be four books or is it only three?”

Here’s the answer to those sort of questions:

The Lamb Among the Stars series was first published in the UK as paperbacks. The first book was The Shadow at Evening (2002), the second, The Power of the Night (2003). These books were taken up by Tyndale in the US, and published together in 2004, again as paperbacks. Here are the covers of these books:

UK editions

US editions

The US editions were published and marketed for a ‘youth’ market, hence the paperbacks. You can find some reviews of the paperbacks here.

So far, so good. Now comes the twist.

I wrote a third volume, The Dark Foundations. But Tyndale took the courageous step of deciding that the series wasn’t just for youth (well, lots of much older people were reading it), so they’d go for the general market, and decided to publish it instead as a hardback.

To match, they republished the first two books as one hardback volume: The Shadow and Night. The Dark Foundations was published at the same time in a matching hardback. In fact, they’re about the same length. The result is that what started as a quartet is now that staple of fantasy publications, a trilogy. The Infinite Day is the third in that trilogy.

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