The published books have mostly been written in collaboration with J. John, who is a tremendous evangelist and Christian communicator based in the UK.

  • Walking with God (2002)
  • The Life: A Portrait of Jesus (2004)
  • The Return (2011)
  • What Does God Want of Us? (2014)

TheLife walkingwithgod TheReturn


For more details of all these books (and more!) you can look on the Philo Trust website.





The Life did astonishingly well and has officially sold over 150,000 copies. With many legal and illegal translations having been made, they took the decision to produce a revised and updated version. Jesus Christ: The Truth was published at Easter 2019 and is available, like the others, from the Philo Trust website.






I have also written other various book-length Bible study guides and numerous articles, radio talks, etc. I have listed some of my geology publications separately.

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