Older books

In the late 1980s when I was doing a lot of travelling with my work as a geological consultant, I picked up a number of books at airports and thought “I can do better”. The result was Heart of Stone, published 1989, followed by Rock of Refuge, published in 1990. They sold quite well, especially when they were published by Crossway in the USA, and were translated into German and Swedish.

I wrote the books under the pen name of John Haworth. Why? Simply that as I was doing work for oil companies at the time, I wanted to put a distance between myself as author and myself as consultant.

They have long been out of print. I had been meaning for quite some time to make them available again in some way, since the rights had reverted to me. Now with the growth of ebooks, and Amazon’s self-publish on Kindle program, it was possible to publish them again. They are available in the Kindle store (search for them under Chris Walley).

And if you want to know what sort of books they are, I can only say they are old-fashioned ‘thrillers’. Nevertheless, although the setting may now be dated, some of the issues that are addressed are actually even more pressing than they were when I wrote them.

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