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The End is Nigh

By , 16 May 2008 5:20 pm

1) We have a publication date for the Infinite Day, 1 June in the States. I suspect the UK release will be about a week later. Please nag your booksellers to get a copy and use all means to promote the book. Above all try to get it removed from the subcategory Futuristic of the subcategory Fiction of the category Religious.

Possible lines to persuade people to read the series include:
1. He names the Antichrist.
2. Tim Lahaye is going to burn it.
3. It’s intelligent.
4. It terrified the life out of the kids.
5. Hollywood are looking at the film rights.
6. It’s by this really cool Welsh author that nobody knows anything about.
7. It’s actually translated from Serbo-Croat.
8. The author has been arrested by the Israelis for terrorism.
9. There’s a really good joke about Swansea right at the end.
10. He’s very damning about topology.

Almost all the above are false, irrelevant or unlikely to be effective. Eight is more accurately expressed as ‘arrested by the Norwegians (on the orders of the Israelis) on suspicion of terrorism’. And it was a mistake: it was Mount Hermon, they should have marked the border and a geological hammer isn’t a weapon And I still say the helicopter gunships were quite unnecessary. Nine is true but unlikely to sell many copies.

2) I did an article for the very helpful High Calling website on leadership. I was rather astonished to be asked because I feel ‘I don’t do leadership’. Anyway I like the result and hope you do.

3) I am probably going to launch a no-holds barred article on the Speculative Faith website in the next 48 hours on why Christians ought to write about nuclear conflict aka the ‘end of civilisation as we know it’.

Anyway have a good week and pencil in some reading time early in June.


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