I have spent 30 years as either an academic or a professional geologist and have both a BSc and a PhD in geology. In particular, I know an awful lot about the geology of Lebanon (just try a Google on ‘geology’ and ‘Lebanon’). I spent 8 years in Lebanon visiting about every corner of this fascinating country. I have run field trips on around this fascinating, if troubled, country for oil companies and universities. In my current position of A Rocha Mediterranean Conservation Science Coordinator I still maintain an active interest in matters geological and have recently given a paper on some landslide-generated wetlands at Les Courmettes.

I have written widely on the geology of Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean and some of these papers are on the web. For more information, see the separate page on Lebanon publications.

A few typical publications include:

  • WALLEY, C. D., 1985. Depositional history of southern Tunisia and north-western Libya in Mid and Late Jurassic time. Geological Magazine, 122, 233 247.
  • WALLEY, C. D., 1988. A braided strike-slip model for the northern continuation of the Dead Sea Fault and its implications for Levantine tectonics. Tectonophysics, 145, 63-72.
  • WALLEY, C. D., 1998. Some outstanding issues in the geology of Lebanon and their importance in the tectonic evolution of the Levantine region. Tectonophysics, 298, 1-3, 37-62.
  • WALLEY, C. D., 1998. From oceanic promontory to continental interior: the 40 million history of the desiccation of Arabia. In Past, Present and Future of the Middle East Desert, Conference Proceedings: Al Abhath Al-Yarmouk, 7, 95-146.
  • WALLEY, C. D., 2000. Mesozoic and Cenozoic Paleogeographic Maps of the Lebanon Area. In G. Stampfli, G Borel, W. Cavazza, J. Mosar and P.A. Ziegler, The Paleotectonic Atlas of the Peritethyan Domain: European Geophysical Society CD-ROM.
  • WALLEY, C. D., 2001. The Lebanon passive margin and the evolution of the Levantine Neo-Tethys: In P. A. Ziegler, W. Cavazza, A. H. Robertson and S. D. Crasquin-Soleau (eds.),Peri-Tethyan Rift–wrench basins and passive margins IGCP 369 results. Mémoires du Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris. Peri-Tethys Mémoire 6.
  • WALLEY, C.D., 2001. Various articles in The Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Environmental Change. Ed. J. A. Matthews; Arnold.

Tethyan Paleogeographic Maps of the Tethys: IGCP 369

Reports for the A Rocha Lebanon project in the Bekaa Valley, the Aammiq Wetland.

As a Christian I am often asked about faith and science. I have written a brief statement of my beliefs for those who are interested..


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