Shadow and Night promotion

Well, Tyndale are promoting Shadow and Night again, all throughout September. You’ll find the e-book very cheaply on Amazon and all the other e-retailers listed in the post below that I made when it was promoted last year. And last year there was an upturn not just in the sales of Shadow and Night, but also the other two books, so tell your friends!

Let’s hope people will read, enjoy, get the other books and spread the word. Thanks!

September 2016

E-book promotion

This is basically a repeat of what I’ve just put on the blog page…

Tyndale House, publishers of The Lamb Among the Stars trilogy, have decided on “an updated and comprehensive strategy for pricing and promoting backlist e-book titles”. Does that sound business-speak? Maybe. But this is where it becomes a reality:

“We have selected The Shadow and Night #1: The Lamb among the Stars for our next eBook promotion. It will be promoted for 35 days from 11/29/2015 – 1/2/2016 through all our e-retailers including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble,, BookShout! and Kobo at $0.99.  “

I don’t know how many people are still following this blog, but if you’re a fan, please tell your friends. Let’s hope people will read, enjoy, get the other books and spread the word! Thanks!

October 2015

Older Books

Both Heart of Stone and Rock of Refuge, the two books I wrote under the name of John Haworth, are now available in the Kindle store. They are the original UK editions with an extra introduction. You can find them by searching for Chris Walley in the Kindle store.

March 2014

Non-authorised book on Kindle

I’ve just found out that there is a version of one of my earlier fiction books Heart of Stone for sale on Kindle. This is a mutilated copy of the original book which I have rejected and had been in contention about with the publishing company concerned. This goes back many years and I did not realise that they have held onto the file and now published it without my knowledge. I do not know how many people have downloaded it, but I have certainly not got any royalties from it.

It is NOT the book I originally wrote, so please avoid it.

February 2014

Shadow and Night on Kindle

If you have been reading my blog you’ll  know that Tyndale have put Shadow and Night on Kindle free for a few weeks. Find it on If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a version for PC, Mac or iPhone.

May 2010

A podcast on Shadow and Night

Mark Goodyear, Senior Editor for and, has a series of podcasts on Gabcast, where he discusses writing, editing, faith and work. And his Episode 11 is on Shadow and Night. You can subscribe to all his podcasts on iTunes as well.

March 2010

The Return: Grace and the Prodigal

Publication date is 18 February. See it on Hodder’s website.

More reviews

Just when I didn’t think there would be any more, some new reviews of The Infinite Day have been posted. One’s on, and one on a blog. The same blog also has a new review of The Dark Foundations. Find the links on the appropriate reivews pages.

January 2010

Forthcoming publication

It’s not actually coming out until next January, but I have been collaborating with J. John again, this time on Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal Son (or ‘the two sons’ or ‘the lost son’, depending on which Bible version you look at).

The Return: Grace and the Prodigal is published by Hodder, and it’s already up on Here’s the product description:

Everyone knows the story of the prodigal son – or do they?

In this fascinating book, skilled communicators J. John and Chris Walley give a new twist to an old story. THE RETURN is a three-part exploration of this most loved parable, combining fiction, Bible study and real-life testimony to open up this timeless story and its themes of grace and reconciliation.

August 2009

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