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Dear Readers

By , 28 May 2010 5:10 pm

It’s half term and I have just finished teaching and frankly I’m shattered. I also really want to try to get started on a new book. Actually ‘not get started’; I have already done that. What I feel about writing books is that they are rather like getting a plane into the air. You have to belt along the runway for an awful long time before the thing will actually take off and fly. At the moment I am accelerating along the runway (three maybe four chapters done) but I’m not convinced that I have reached takeoff speed yet. So what I want to do is stand back from the blog for a couple of weeks or so while I try and get the thing off the ground!

But you are not forgotten

every blessing


Book news

By , 5 February 2010 7:06 pm

I am somewhat concerned that people turn to this blog in the hope that they will read that my next three-volume trilogy is due at their bookstores next Thursday. In fact I rarely mention my writing. Anyway let’s see where I am at. There are three aspects.

1) Things are frankly very quiet on the Lamb Among the Stars front; so the film rights are still available and can probably be yours very cheaply. I gather the books are now out on Kindle although there seems to be some question about Book 2 (Dark Foundations). Kindle has not really caught on much in the UK and I think there must be real doubt with the pending arrival of the iPad that it will ever make much of an inroad here.

2) With regard to my fiction writing I have had goes at three separate projects. I considered a sort of lateral spin-off to the Lamb among the Stars but cannot find much enthusiasm for an epic work; they are very hard to market. I have got a notebook full of ideas for a clever, more theological work, dealing with the life of Christ from a different angle but have put it to one side in favour of a third idea which is more fantasy/thriller/romance. At the moment I’m very busy at college and will be for the next couple of months. Hopefully by the end of April I will be able to turn to seriously putting pen to paper as we used to say before computers became endemic. Or is that epidemic?

3) On a much more tangible note I came back today to find our small hall filled with some boxes of a very attractive hardback that is coming out this month: a book I have written with J John (who is probably the nearest thing we have to an evangelical celebrity). It’s called The Return: Grace and the Prodigal, published by Hodder. It is very a distinctive three-part book dealing with what is perhaps the greatest of all the parables, ‘the Prodigal Son’. In the first part John and I creatively re-imagine this parable in a short story set in a later (and perhaps more familiar) setting, filling in some of the details and fleshing out some of the personalities. In the second part, we look carefully at the meaning of the parable, and deal with such important aspects as why Jesus taught in parables and the meaning of this parable in particular. In the final part, we look at handling relationships in the light of the parable of the prodigal. We talk about how we can apply the truths that are highlighted in this parable in our own lives. Frankly I have no idea how well it will do. It’s a good book, not too long and probably more stimulating than most books on popular theology. That is not a high goal!

Anyway I thought you ought to know.

Have a great week.

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